Analytics & Business Intelligence

For Managers of BI Professionals

A clear vision, strong strategy, and solid business plan are nothing without the talent to execute. The information below offers practical strategies, tactics, techniques, and tools for hiring and managing BI professionals.

  • Hire BI Talent: Attract and hire talented BI professionals who will excel in your unit.
  • What to Ask in an Interview: Behaviorally-based questions help gauge a candidate’s skills, experiences, and abilities. These example questions are a great guide through the interview process.
  • Identify BI Ability: Learn the observable traits to look for in a successful BI professional.
  • Develop BI Performance: Build business acumen, manage the work environment, and plan professional development opportunities for your BI staff.
  • Interview Assignments and Scenarios: How to obtain concrete and tangible work sample(s) from strong candidates in order to evaluate analytical and critical thinking skills.

For general sound hiring process guidelines, please consult these University resources: