Analytics & Business Intelligence

Hire BI Talent

  1. Define the Job
  2. Interview Strategies
    Identify one or two individuals with cross-functional analytical skills who can advise and guide you through the hiring process. Potential resources for identifying subject matter experts are:
  3. Subject matter experts can:
    • React to your hiring criteria
    • Help you screen resumes for requisite skills
    • Assist in the interviewing process by serving on your search committee
    • Make recommendations for final candidate selections
  4. Interview Approaches
    Behaviorally-based interview questions solicit concrete experiences and skills from an interviewee.
    • e.g. "Tell me about a time you helped define, launch, and control a project from start to finish."
    Interview assignments allow further observation of skills and abilities that can help distinguish between two close candidates.
    • Sending work samples
    • Case-study related work requiring presentations