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This reporting tool is a series of interactive pages that allows review of admission application data against user-defined targets and application data from the previous two years. You can:
  • review the applicant pool quality based on median test scores and GPA,
  • select custom filters for drilling to key indicators such as gender, ethnicity, or citizenship, and
  • drill to specific applicant details.
Access is limited to only those programs in your area of responsibility.

Report Overview

The Admissions Dashboard displays admissions data in a useful way for Deans, Directors, and Department and Admissions Chairs. It is populated with M-Pathways data daily in order to provide timely information during the admissions cycle. This dashboard can be used to monitor progress and track status of applications compared to the previous two years.

The Admissions Dashboard offers:

  • Application counts by year for admitted and matriculated students, including:
    • Number of applicants, number of admits, and number of matriculated students and their calculated selectivity along with a view of student quality based on median test scores for the admitted students
    • Additional criteria that can be used for filtering the metrics shown on the page include test score range, gender, ethnicity, residency, citizenship, and GPA range.
  • The ability to define and track targets for admits and matriculates.
  • The ability to view calculation logic and definitions by hovering over elements of the page.
  • The ability to export the data to Excel for further analysis.

The Student Details page allows you to view specific application data for each applicant. Data that can be viewed in Student Details include application information such as test scores, GPA information, program, and status.

The Feeder Schools report shows information about the institutions that applicants to your program have attended. The drill-down feature in this report allows you to see the student details by school and college.

Data Sources

M-Pathways Student Administration.

Access Details

Access is currently limited to a select group of pilot departments and colleges through 2010. Typically, Deans and Directors will be able to view data for their entire school; department chairs will be able to view data for their entire department. Admissions Chairs will only be able to view application data related to the programs for which they are responsible.

Who needs access?

Deans, Directors, and Department and Admissions Chairs need access to the Admissions Dashboard. Specific access must be granted to have the ability to set targets for each program.

How do I request access?

There is no auto-granted access to this dashboard. Once it is made available to the general campus, users with a business need can request access through the OARS system. The M-Reports role associated with viewing the Dashboard is AdmissionsAid. The M-Reports role associated with setting targets is AdmissionsTargetSetter.

In addition to the role, users must also indicate the academic programs they wish to view by listing them in the Additional Comments section of the Access Request form. Users can request individual programs (e.g. 00515), academic groups (e.g. ENG), academic careers (e.g. GRAC), or departments (e.g. 380000).

What can users see?

When you first view the Admissions Dashboard, you see a summary of all of the programs you have been granted access to view. You can set default criteria and save those views to easily segment out different populations from the programs you have access to view. Only users with the role that allows for setting targets will see the Set Targets page.

Refresh Schedule

Every night except Saturday